Bikini fitness steroids

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Rafaela Ravena used to get made fun of for being overweight but nowadays she faces the opposite problem. The Brazilian fitness model got so fed up with critics accusing her of using steroids to achieve her perfect figure that she got tested for performance-enhancing drugs and published the results for the world to see.

“People tend to associate a muscular body with steroids but that's not true, so I did a test to prove that,” Ravena said. “I think a lot of fitness models use them.”

The 23-year-old admits that she used some supplements years ago when she first started working out, but stopped when she got acne and grew facial hair.

In order to maintain her incredible physique, Rafaela religiously avoids carbohydrates and instead lives on whey protein, eggs and vegetables. Her only indulgence is a bit of ice cream, but only once a week.

Rafaela, who has half a million followers on Instagram, started losing weight when she was 19 years old and shed 33 pounds in just one year. Her unbelievable curves have earned her a legion of international fans who undoubtedly enjoy her frequent bikini pics.

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Bikini fitness steroids

bikini fitness steroids


bikini fitness steroidsbikini fitness steroidsbikini fitness steroidsbikini fitness steroidsbikini fitness steroids