Causes corticosteroid responsive dermatoses

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Corticosteroids may play a useful role in cancer treatment. Since they are strongly anti-inflammatory they are sometimes prescribed to reduce swelling and pain. They may be used with other drugs to reduce nausea and vomiting created by chemotherapy treatment. They may also increase appetite. In a few types of cancer, specific corticosteroids are sometimes used with or without chemotherapy drugs to destroy cancer cells. It's important to note that while corticosteroids can be an important aspect of treatment in some types of cancer, they may not be helpful in all types.

The veterinarian will release your pet into your care once signs of the poisoning are no longer; however, the length of hospital stay and the ease of recovery will depend on how much of the cream was ingested initially. If your dog had gastrointestinal upset only, his recovery will be much quicker than a pet who experienced convulsions or organ damage. The veterinarian will schedule a follow-up appointment and will be available for questions if you have concerns as your pet is in convalescence. As with any drug, household product, or food be certain to store all items out of reach of children and pets.

Causes corticosteroid responsive dermatoses

causes corticosteroid responsive dermatoses


causes corticosteroid responsive dermatosescauses corticosteroid responsive dermatosescauses corticosteroid responsive dermatosescauses corticosteroid responsive dermatosescauses corticosteroid responsive dermatoses