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Since high school and through the entire series, Dee has had a long list of failed relationships and one-night stands that includes: a high-school boy who uses her for alcohol and to make his girlfriend jealous; a thief who robs the bar; a middle-aged toothless Korean busboy; a sweet, but simple-minded Iraq War veteran named Ben, who ultimately finds her to be "a mean person"; Lil Kev, a rapper who The Gang originally thought was mentally retarded , only to find out he wasn't; and Bill Ponderosa, a man whom she had a crush on back in high school only to find out he was an overweight loser and married. Like the other members of The Gang, Dee drinks heavily, often hoping to calm herself when meeting an attractive man. Relative to the rest of The Gang, Dee seems to drink more and be drunk more often. She harbors a phobia of the elderly . Despite her many insecurities, Dee is aggressively outspoken and is prone to violence when angered. At one point, she assaults a bum she finds masturbating in the alley behind Paddy's. Charlie and Dee accidentally use steroids in "Hundred Dollar Baby", which greatly increases their anger. In "The Gang Solves the North Korea Situation", she is, along with Frank and Mac, on an American Idol -like panel where she portrays a drunken spoof of Paula Abdul , slurring her words and judging hopefuls in a talent contest. She drinks heavily from a cup full of " Rum and Coke " and uses the event as an excuse to criticize and demean the contestants.

“Psych” fans will be happy to know that the old gang is getting back together, but it won’t be in another series, or at least not yet. James Roday is coming back as Shawn Spencer in the 2017 “Psych: The Movie.” The plot centers around the gang gathering because a mystery assailant has targeted a member of their own group. Filming of the project is currently underway. Roday stars in the show along with Dule Hill and Timothy Omundson but he’s also one of the writers, along with Director Steve Franks. In addition, he will appear as Officer Duane in “Untitled Hollywood Hills Project” which is currently in the post-production stage.

I keep repeating/harping on this but seriously how do you justify net production dropping with ongoing economic wealth gains. There's got to be some other wealth producing source that isn't in the current formula and perhaps isn't being talked about because to do so might result in gov't stepping in to oversee or restrict it. The economic exchange is increasingly in stock market points rather than goods and services traded/provided/consumed. (Yeah, I know that 'financial services' is a major contributor to the GDP, but the stock market itself - share prices - is not. IMO, share prices should be treated like currency which would help determine inflation/deflation risks for exchanges. Index funds account for about 20% of all investments, so there's quite a bit of pressure to ensure that major stock exchanges continue upward ... regardless of the performance of whatever outfit issued those stocks.)

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