Difference between steroid and cortisone

I heard that the origin of espresso macchiato was so that the bartender knew that a particular coffee in a line of coffees was different – hotter or stronger or decaf – so it was marked – macchiato – with a tiny bit of milk foam. The term has been around for a long time apparently, so some say the milk would not have been textured or foamed, as the term predates espresso machines – but of course even heating milk in a saucepan makes it go a bit foamy. So it was to mark out that coffee, not to alter its taste. Any thoughts? Obviously a latte macchiato is a totally different drink and has resulted in considerable confusion.

Hi I moved into a house that has one sheet of white asbestos fence broken in three used in the garden bed as a plant protector by the old tenants. The land lord is having it removed but as The contractor who first looked at it is taking a week to come out I’m worried about the edges spikey bits hanging off it how dangerous are they for my kids who don’t play in the garden yet but have to walk past it ( two meters away) to get to the car? Also how safe will the garden be once its removed can I plant in the garden bed and can the kids play outside how do I get it ready and safe for them? With thanks Lisa.

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Difference between steroid and cortisone

difference between steroid and cortisone


difference between steroid and cortisonedifference between steroid and cortisonedifference between steroid and cortisonedifference between steroid and cortisonedifference between steroid and cortisone