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Stunning both their competitors and viewers, the young East German girls brought home every gold medal except two in 1976. The world saw a Communist nation producing super athletes who clearly looked physically advanced and different. One American swimmer noted how hard she and her teammates prepared for the world's biggest stage — it was impossible for the East Germans to have worked that much harder to look that much stronger. American swimmers were harshly criticized for complaining during the Olympics when they pointed out the unusual nature of the East German women; the Americans were essentially scorned for being sore losers. To this day, some Americans continue to lobby for their right to a gold medal, yet it remains a difficult initiative to change the history books.

I included all matches I found in "official" statistics mentioned as "A" internationals. In fact, I used two books as sources of the data beside some input from other sources.
Currently the matches # 108, # 109, #110, #111, #154, #155, #157, #158 are in question regarding a recent decision by the FIFA no longer count matches during the qualification and final stage of an Olympic tournament as "A" matches. But they remain in this archive.
In the header the opponents, the final score and the score at halftime are shown. If the match was played during the qualification or the final stage of a international competition this fact will be mentioned beneath the header. The second line consists of the date and venue of the match. In the third line the line-up of the home team is shown followed by the names of the away team (both if available). A "C" behind the name marks the team captain (if available).
The next lines consist of the name of the referee and the attendance of the match. In the last line the names of the scorers and the minute they scored are mentioned. (pen = penalty, og = own goal).

East german olympic athletes steroids

east german olympic athletes steroids


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