Frozen shoulder steroid shot

Diligent physical therapy is often essential for recovery of many conditions but not for adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder. There is no evidence that physiotherapy helps frozen shoulder at all. Physical therapy targeting frozen shoulder adhesive capsulitis will take months to years of treatment for recovery, depending on the severity of the scarring of the tissues around the shoulder. Over aggressive physical therapy has also been shown to significantly worsen the frozen shoulder as the body responds to additional trauma by over-reacting and laying down more scar tissue around the shoulder capsule. All forms of physical therapy for adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder are basically useless, can often be torturous and have sometimes been known to significantly worsen the condition. Frozen shoulder sufferers have notoriously spent thousands of dollars and countless hours attending for treatments over months and years which do nothing to help and sometimes worsen the condition. We believe you will find yourself wasting your time and money attending for physical therapy sessions to alleviate your adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder. Before you attend for physical therapy, be sure to ask the physiotherapist if they have ever had much success with frozen shoulder. The only cases, they may site as being successful, would most likely have improved of their own accord during the timeframe of treatment.

Christiane… I have heard you mention “frozen shoulder” and knew you had written a blog about it at one time. This is such a bummer!! I have been virtually pain free with the exception of some minor stiffness in a Tband and hip flexor muscle, but a couple of weeks ago my entire body seemed to go into inflammation – especially my trunk. It’s hard to get out of bed in am and really takes a while for my body to get moving. I am seeing a chiropractor, exercise at a wellness center 5 days/week, eat very little sugar, watch my grain intake and use supplements. I also meditate some in am, listen to you and Hay House radio, have your books and am currently reading “Making Life Easy.” This is such a shock, although I think some of the shoulder stuff began when my husband started to sleep in the other bedroom, and when he did sleep in our bed, I would lay there so quietly so as not to disturb him.. bingo!!! Also, there are some money issues. We do have separate check books, but I feel I am covering too many of the expenses. This is getting way too long. I know the marriage is a concern for me. I am using some of Tosha’s “Change me Prayers” to give the partnership to our Divine Creator and praying for the space between us. I am also going to get Judy O.’s book she mentioned on your radio show this week with regard to empaths, because she mention something about a “shield” Wednesday. I have realized I am missing my sense of community I need, when she spoke about belonging to a 12 step program. I do also and have been going to AA for many years and so went to a meeting yesterday am. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have thanked my Divine Creator for all the gifts of who you are. Am sure part of it is you are willing to share them and to do the work. Once when you were on Oprah and you were talking about writing down your dreams, she commented how you are really doing the work. I thought of that yesterday when I read your story about writing the love letter to your husband and sharing it with him… wow – talk about vulnerability… From my heart to yours… THANK YOU!!!

Frozen shoulder steroid shot

frozen shoulder steroid shot


frozen shoulder steroid shotfrozen shoulder steroid shotfrozen shoulder steroid shotfrozen shoulder steroid shotfrozen shoulder steroid shot