Genfina steroids

I placed and paid for an order on December 28th 2013. My tracking number was given to me via-email and I watched "my package" get dispatched and it traveled all the way around Thailand. 30 days after my order and I'm a little irritated by the fact I paid for a quicker shipment. I watched " my package" come back to the original postage center. I inquired as to why and I get a response telling me they will ask their contact. Then I hear nothing back so I follow up with them via e-mial again, and they say "we are waiting for confirmation". 45 days into this nightmare and now I'm posting this experience. I truly don't believe my package is coming and I sincerely hope this will serve as a warning to NOT send them your money!!

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Genfina steroids

genfina steroids


genfina steroidsgenfina steroids