Getting weaker on steroids

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I had a moment in the gym a few weeks back doing dumbbell bench press. I got halfway through a rep on one of my working sets and I just failed. It was like my muscle wouldn’t fire. Before that rep I was going strong. After a bit of a rest I tried another working set with the same result. I was frustrated as hell because the week before I managed the same weight fairly easily. When I re-evaluated my whole day I realized that my water intake had been woeful. I was actually training in a dehydrated state. Never again will I make this mistake. Training dehydrated ruined my session. It really highlights the importance of keeping your water intake up when training.

Getting weaker on steroids

getting weaker on steroids


getting weaker on steroidsgetting weaker on steroidsgetting weaker on steroidsgetting weaker on steroidsgetting weaker on steroids