How to maximize gains on steroids

Of course, there are certainly better or worse ways to bench press for chest development. A narrower grip with tucked elbows on the descent is always going to emphasize the triceps more, for instance. However, if you want your benching to benefit your pecs as much as possible, take the widest grip you can without hurting your shoulders (this width will be different for each person). And while you do need to tuck your elbows in a little bit to keep your shoulders healthy and move more weight, don’t be excessive about it. You want your elbows to flare out at the end of the press so that your pecs are doing almost all of the work.

A super set is when you combine two exercises into one, without any rest in-between for example let’s say we’re working arms (my favorite). I’ll do a set of bicep cable curls and then I would immediately transition into another bicep exercise like reverse curls. A giant set is the same principle, however it includes three or more exercise to make one set. What these types of sets do is to increase the duration of time the muscle is worked, as well as the amount of energy, nutrients, and blood flow needed. Theoretically you could combine any type of exercises together, but I highly suggest choosing exercises that purposely isolate and work the same muscle group.

10. Don't skip stretching.
Stretching keeps your muscles flexible, helping to prepare them for exercise and recover from the effort afterward. Skip the stretches, and you won't get nearly the benefits you should from aerobic exercise and resistance training. (Get started with these  3 feel-good stretches .) "Stretching helps you move freely during aerobic exercise, it enables your muscles to build more strength during weight training, and it helps keep muscles long and lean," says Sharon Willett, a physical therapist and sports trainer at the Virginia Sportsmedicine Institute in Arlington, Virginia. 

How to maximize gains on steroids

how to maximize gains on steroids


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