Mlb 2003 steroid list

The Mitchell Report also stated that interviews were requested of five MLB players who had spoken out publicly on the steroid issue. Of these players, only one, Frank Thomas , was willing to be interviewed. The Mitchell Report stated that there was no evidence that any of these five had used performance-enhancing drugs. Curt Schilling , one of the four players who declined to interview with Mitchell, explained that he denied Mitchell's request because he "would have nothing to offer" Mitchell's investigation "other than personal opinion and hypotheticals." [6]

The Dodgers really like Stanton and have been well aware of his desire to play for them. But in internal discussions, there has been discomfort with the very back end of his contract -- Years 8, 9 and 10, for which Stanton will be in his late 30s, he will be owed owed about $96 million, presumably in his waning years of production and defense. The Yankees can project ahead and know that Stanton could shift into a DH role, if necessary; the Dodgers do not have that luxury. The access to the DH, in the end, might be why the Yankees jumped at Stanton and the Dodgers did not. During the postseason, Joe Girardi, in his last days as the team’s manager, was asked by a reporter about the old-school ways of the Yankees’ organization, juxtaposed against an industry mostly driven by analytics.

Mlb 2003 steroid list

mlb 2003 steroid list


mlb 2003 steroid listmlb 2003 steroid listmlb 2003 steroid listmlb 2003 steroid listmlb 2003 steroid list