Ormoni sessuali steroidei

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A chromatographic and colorimetric analysis has been made of the steroid hormone metabolites isolated from the excretory material of untreated and estrogen-treated larval frogs. Hydrocortisone, aldosterone, androsterone, and estradiol-17β have been tentatively indicated by the techniques employed here. Quantitative data are presented for the 17-hydroxycorticosteroid and the 17-keto-steroids. The data for androgenic steroids are discussed in relation to current hypotheses of sex determination, sex reversal, and adrenal hyperplasia in estrogen-treated larvae.

Ormoni sessuali steroidei

ormoni sessuali steroidei


ormoni sessuali steroideiormoni sessuali steroideiormoni sessuali steroideiormoni sessuali steroideiormoni sessuali steroidei