Seahawks cornerbacks steroids

The offensive line remains a serious concern. Losing . Lang in free agency was a bigger hit than the team will admit. There is a reason they went hard after him and offered him so much money. Having two Pro Bowl caliber players in Justin Britt and Lang paired together would have lifted the whole line, and allowed for productive pairings in the run game. The signing of Luke Joeckel should be met with healthy skepticism. Seattle sees player talent differently than the rest of the league. That has proven to be an advantage at some positions (., cornerback, quarterback), but questionable at best at others like the offensive line.

Against the Lions, the Patriots chose to bracket Calvin Johnson with a corner and a safety while Revis chased around Golden Tate, who was having the best season of his career. Sherman’s performance in the past two seasons has been undeniable, but at his best, Revis can still do more at a high level than any corner in the league. At 30, Revis is no longer the athlete he was pre-ACL surgery, but he doesn’t need to be. He’s a technician unlike any other cornerback in the league, and it allows plays like this to be the standard. What made Revis the class of the position once again last year isn’t what the Patriots asked him to do every week. It’s that they could ask him to do anything.

Seahawks cornerbacks steroids

seahawks cornerbacks steroids


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