Steroids for feline lymphoma

Prophylactic or long-term antibiotic therapy is not indicated unless there is documentation of a chronic airway infection. However, Mycoplasma species have been isolated from the airway of as many as 25 percent of cats with signs of lower airway disease. In contrast, Mycoplasma is not cultured from the airway of healthy cats. Therefore, Mycoplasma has the potential to cause significant structural damage to airway epithelium, and it may be reasonable to treat any cat for Mycoplasma if they do not have an immediate positive response to corticosteroids (within three to five days).

Noodles was tested forall of the above, was negative for toxoplasmosis and leukemia, but theresults of the feline FIP tests indicated he was positive. I was advisedto euthanize my little kitten. I was told I needed to euthanize him so that hewouldn't be around my other cats and infect them. At the time, FIP in cats wasthought to be highly contagious. Now,however, we understand that the virus needs to be shed in a cat's stool,ingested by feces to mouth of another cat, and then mutate within the new cat'sbody -- a process that doesn't make it as contagious as initially believed .That said, isolating a cat with FIP from other cats, especially the very youngor very old, is still advised.

Steroids for feline lymphoma

steroids for feline lymphoma


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