Steroids numb feet

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Autoimmune Disease: Can't Get a Diagnosis? Here's What to Do by Ramzi Khairallah, .

Cheap or improper shoes can be one of the causes of plantar fasciitis, but before you go buying brand new shoes, you may also consider shoe inserts.  Inserts last longer and can be moved from shoe to shoe as needed. At one time you had to spend hundreds of dollars at a foot doctor or physical therapist in order to get good, quality custom-made orthotics. Now there are literally hundreds of options for inserts online or at any number of footwear stores with a very wide price range. Just keep in mind that price can often—though not completely—reflect quality. Try to choose based on other reasons.

Considering the symptoms your friend is experiencing, it is obvious that there is something ‘wrong’. The break may have healed but has obviously caused further damage in the area. Alternatively, the break may have not healed properly although it is not detected in the x-ray. I would advise that you seek a second opinion and consult with an orthopedic surgeon as your friend requires specialist treatment and further investigation. Attempting to cope with this problem in the way he has done thus far can further complicate the condition and eventually reach a stage where the problem cannot be treated.

Steroids numb feet

steroids numb feet


steroids numb feetsteroids numb feetsteroids numb feetsteroids numb feetsteroids numb feet